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In this section you will find out the latest news and updates about the RaCIP project, implemented activities and results achieved. 


Multiplier Event (University of Trento)  - Sep '23 - Retrospective

The RACIP Project was successfully presented at the University of Trento During the Glocal Factory Multiplier event which took place on the 21st September. The presentation of the RACIP project at the University of Trento has stimulated depth and highlighted strengths and criticism of the reception systems


Thanks to Sara Taglietti, Sandra Mateus and Maria Carla Italia, from the RaCIP team, and to all the reporters from Trentino for the hospitality and the quality of the contributions.

Glocal Factory.png

Multiplier Event (University of Trento)  - Sep '23

Check the info attached about Thursday's (21st) Multiplier Event at 3pm hosted with GLOCAL FACTORY


PAR Newletter - Sep '23

Check out the linked Newsletter (in Portuguese) about JRS's actions and responsibilities in September 2023.


Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme - Jul '23

The Municipality of Ioannina advances its progress of the WP6 “Pilot Schemes” by implementing individual consulting sessions to 20 mentors, aiming to provide them with knowledge and experience necessary to build effective mentoring relationships with their mentees. By the end of July 2023, the participants - stakeholders from several public and private organizations - will be in the position to support their mentees to tackle challenges and difficulties facing when integrating at a local level.


RaCIP Press Release - July '23

In the framework of the RaCIP project funded by European funds of the AMIF programme in 2019, the RaCIP consortium, at this stage of the project, is implementing pilot schemes to put community and private sponsorship into practice and foster pathways to inclusion for beneficiaries.

Each partner, depending on their specific skills and preparation, supports individuals and families in the search for housing solutions, employment, and autonomy, always ensuring relational support, which, CVI increasingly notes, is what really makes the difference in integration pathways. Building a community around the migrant and refugee person or nucleus is crucial because it ensures the motivational input that drives true integration through the exchange of interests, ideas, approaches.

This press release will cover the areas of integration, the different partners in our consortium have been focussing on and the successes and difficulties faced thus far.


Who are the mentors? - Jun '23

Who are the students’ mentoring refugees in the Racip Project?
Within the Racip project, university students are developing mentoring relationships with migrants. Their role is to create a bond and dialogue with the mentee migrant to exchange subjective experiences and knowledge of each other. Mentors facilitate knowledge about local contexts, resources, and ways of “moving around” and obtaining access to services and resources. Working together, they jointly identify what the needs, wishes, obstacles and resources of the migrant person are so mentor and mentee can codesign a strong strategy to achieve the migrant person’s goals.


World Refugee Day - Jun '23

The 20th of June was World Refugee Day, and all RaCIP Partners celebrated with refugees.

RaCIP project partners support the inclusion pathways of migrant and refugee people every day by increasing the capacity of welcoming and mentoring families, citizens, students, and employers involved in private sponsorships.
An inclusive and integrated society is a better society for all


Lisbon - Exhibition - Jun '23

Last week, PAR/JRS presented officially it's "Next Door Neighbors" exhibition, in Lisbon.

This storytelling work was created based on the experience with families that, in the first months of their arrival in Portugal, lived side by side, door to door, as neighbors, in two of Jesuit Refugee Service Portugal shelters, in Fátima and Ericeira. These 19 portraits tell stories of escape, love, ambition, secrecy, persistence, sometimes sadness, but always hope. After a period, they started their new life projects in their new houses, in different cities in Portugal.

This was a very needed and beautiful moment that allowed us to connect presentially with volunteers, from the Hospitality Communities, that have been helping these families with their integration process in their new community and neighborhood. It was also a great opportunity to recruit new members for our district online communities.

For us, it's really important to create ways to share our field work with volunteers and families with everyone that has the desire to create a better hospitality experience, for refugee people, in Portugal.


Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme - Jun '23

Synthesis organized a lunch date with some mentees in Cyprus and took them out for bowling games!

Find more pictures here!


Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme - Jun '23

SYNTHESIS, Our Cypriot partner organized a gathering with some of the mentees and provided them with necessary foodstuffs.

Read more here.

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Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme - May '23

SYNTHESIS our Cyprus partner, through the mentorship program, linked one of the mentees with a Local mentor.

Maryam is overjoyed at the prospect of meeting and learning more about traditional Cypriot foods. She not only learned how to prepare some traditional Cypriot dishes, but she also had the opportunity to play some games.

Read more about this mentorship here.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 120648.png

Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme - April '23

Our partner, SECOND TREE, demonstrates the importance of self-esteem and confidence in their activities.

More information here.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 121019.png

Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme - March '23

Our partner, SECOND TREE, based in Greece, has established a sports team for refugees to enjoy themselves on most weekends as part of our mentoring scheme!

More information here.


Trainings Taking Place During the RaCIP Mentoring Scheme

Our partner, REFUGEES WELCOME INTALIA organised online trainings with mentors and local families as part of our mentoring scheme!

More information here.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 123646_edited.png

Mentoring Scheme Activities - February '23 - 2nd Press Release

Our press release presents the end of year party organised by one of our partners, Second Tree, in Ioannina, Greece. 

Read more here

Screenshot 2023-06-09 122217.png

Mentoring Scheme Activities - February '23 - 1st Press Release

Here you'll find reflections on many of our previous activities.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 121925.png

Healthy Habits and Coping Mechanisms - January '23

Second Tree, highlights the importance of healthy habits and coping mechanisms in the press release here.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 122420.png

Mentoring Scheme Activities - January '23

Our press release presents the picnics, trips and social inclusion

Read the full press release here.


Communiqué de presse - Octobre '22

Our press release presents the project's trainings and local mentoring activities that took place during the second year of RaCIP.

Read more in our Press Release here

RaCIP flyer for Mentors_EN (1).jpg

SYNTHESIS Mentorship Programme Invitation for Mentors

Within the framework of RaCIP, SYNTHESIS invites you to a series of interactive seminars for university students, individuals/families, enterprises and associations/stakeholders who wish to become mentors for third-country nationals.

Check out the flyer here.

RaCIP flyer (1).jpg

SYNTHESIS Mentorship Programme Invitation for Migrants

SYNTHESIS invites you to a series of mentoring sessions for third-country nationals, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. These sessions aim for 35 persons to be mentored by 35 locals for social integration in Cyprus and work placement.

Check out the flyer here.


RaCIP Press Release - January '22

Our press release introduces the RaCIP project and outlines the consortium's activities during the first year since the project has been active.

Read more in our Press Release here

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