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Veneto Insieme has been active in the realisation of private sponsorships concerning job placement. In particular, orientation paths to and in work were set up.
Here we explain how this activity took place within the pilot schemes.


The following three interviews are about three categories involved in one of the inclusion processes organized with RACIP, specifically that of job placement.

1. Beneficiary (Mentee)

Veneto Insieme, with the help of our member cooperatives, offers pathways to job placement. In the job placement workshops of our cooperatives, people can train their skills to gain the confidence to enter the world of work.
Collaboration with companies, which enhance this training period by giving the opportunity to make some productions in a protected environment, allows the person to experience a work situation that provides rules, relationships, time and the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of his or her labor.

2. Employer

The employer's perspective is one of the key factors in the success of a job placement pathway leading to real autonomy and integration.

When an employer realizes the value of collaborating with the different actors involved in the migrant person's path to employment, the integration process is facilitated and a virtuous cycle of opportunities is triggered. In this way, everyone succeeds in achieving their goals.

3. Mentor

4. Mentor and Mentee pair

The role of the mentor in the job placement process is crucial because he or she acts as a link between the mentee and the employer by accompanying the person in the acquisition of professional and soft skills. Often the relationship between mentor and mentee, as the interview reports, goes beyond the technical aspects and becomes a deep relationship of mutual trust and growth.

This mentor and mentee pair shares with us their experience from the mentoring scheme that was implemented in the RaCIP project. SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education has supported Chrystalla and Maryam to grow a long lasting friendship!

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